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Dog-Friendly Attractions 
in Wye Valley

While staying in the Wye Valley, we recommend visiting the beautiful surrounding areas including the Royal Forest of Dean. The area is rich with history and culture, with plenty for everyone to do, including your furry friends. We have listed a few of our favourite places below:

Wye Valley

This vale is officially recognised  as an Area of Outstanding Beauty, and comprises a mix of English and Welsh influences. On the whole, this vale is a place of breath-taking beauty and natural scenery. 

ross-on-wye in wye valley

Since the 18th Century, its spectacular landscapes and scenery have been great sources of inspiration to poets, inventors, craftspeople, artists, and playwrights, over and above the numerous visitors who keeps returning.

Originating from the River Wye, this is the only recognised AONB which straddles across two countries- England and Wales. Within its borders you can an abundance of heritage and culture, as well as a wide variety of exciting flora and fauna.

The Royal Forest of Dean

This forest was designated as a national forest park in 1938. 

It exudes some unique cultural heritage which reflects close working relations between the environment and the people.

view of the royal forest of dean

It's also one of England's last remaining indigenous forests. It comprises a whopping 110 km2 of woodland and is situated in between River Severn, River Wye, this beautiful forest was once the royal hunting grounds in the Tudor period. 

The Royal Forest of Dean is one of the most recognised areas in the whole of the United Kingdom. It exudes some seductive charms and appeal which are both exclusive to itself. If you are lucky, you may spot some of the wild boars living in the area- the last remaining wild herd in the UK.

The Severn Vale

This river is England's longest and is world-famous for its tidal bores. The river measures 219 miles long and rises at an altitude of approximately 610 metres at Plynlimon.

banks of river severn

Originating from the Cambrian Mountains in the middle of Wales, it passes through several English counties and has aided the development of several towns including Gloucester, Worcester, and Shrewsbury. 

The main town in the area is the old Severnside port city of Lydney. The town is thriving in both shopping and business. While at its estuary, it is called the Bristol Channel and eventually drains into the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea.


Monmouthshire is one of the thirteen counties that constitute Wales. This county incorporates the vivid Black Mountains in the northern portions of the country. You can also find the market towns of Abergavenny and Monmouth as well as the rural towns of Chepstow and Newport which lie along the bank of river Severn.

It's the proud home to many historic castles, fresh farm produces, bustling market towns, generous hospitality and an artisan tradition. The county, together with the Wye Valley confer some captivating experience which treats all the senses at any time of the year.


Herefordshire is a popular destination for tourists and visitors who choose to access the area to discover the 'real' England. The destination provides the visitors breath-taking and unspoiled countryside, tremendous hospitality, and distinctive cultural heritage. Its stunning natural beauty coupled with its tranquil pace have jointly inspired musicians, craftsmen, and artists to set base and create their productions in England.